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Hibiscus Loose Flower Tea
Hibiscus Loose Flower Tea
Hibiscus Loose Flower Tea
Hibiscus Loose Flower Tea
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Hibiscus Loose Flower Tea

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Product Description
HIBISCUS LOOSE LEAF TEA – It is made with pure hibiscus flower. Hibiscus infusion bags would be a convenient and refreshing beverage to boost our normal lifestyle. We can simply drink the infusion to get the maximum benefit of the hibiscus.

INGREDIENTS - Hibiscus Flowers.

NATURAL FARM DIRECT HIBISCUS - We source the Hibiscus flowers directly from natural certified farm in the Egypt. Sourcing directly from the farms helps us to have complete traceability over the product and control quality.

DIRECTIONS - Pour boiling water over the tea bag in your cup or teapot (1 bag per cup) and infuse for 5-7 minutes. If you prefer, sweeten with sugar or honey.

SMALL BATCH PRODUCTION - We take utmost efforts to manufacture our products in small batches. This will help us to maintain the freshness of the products and ship the freshly prepared products to the consumers without keeping in the inventory for months.

CAFFEINE FREE - Caffeine is most commonly found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, and energy drinks. Grenera Hibiscus Tea is a caffeine free product. All our ingredients are natural products.

Grenera Hibiscus Loose Leaf Tea is a perfect blend of naturally grown Hibiscus Flowers. The infusion is made from the combination of natural blends and provides the soothing effect after sipping the drink. Hibiscus is a tropical flower that thrives in the hot climates. Hibiscus is rich in nutrients. Our hibiscus petals are from egypt which are cultivated from fertile nile valleys of egypt. Hibiscus tea unique flavor and a bouquet of potential health benefits.