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Moringa Flower Powder

Moringa Flower Powder

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Product Description
MORINGA FLOWERS POWDER:  Moringa also known as drumstick, horse radish and miracle tree. It is loaded with highly important nutrients and vitamins . It is one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. Moringa flowers contains animoacids, calcium and potassium which making them a valuable supplement for nursing mothers.

NATURAL FARM DIRECT MORINGA: We source the Moringa flowers directly from an natural certified farm in the Southern part of India. Sourcing directly from the farms helps us to have a complete traceability over the product and avoid any middle men and ensure that the product is as per our standards.

SMALL BATCH PRODUCTION: We take utmost efforts to manufacture our products in small batches. This will help us to maintain the freshness of the products  and ship the freshly prepared products to the consumers without keeping in the inventory for months.

FEATURES: It is Gluten free, Cholesterol free, Non-GMO, chemical free. It is 100% Pure and Natural.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 scoop of Moringa Flower Powder with warm water/honey.

PROCESS: Each and every product is sourced naturally and analysed with our quality team and this helps to ensure the quality of our product. It collected directly from the farmers with no added chemicals and fertilizers.

Moringa (Botanical name “Moringa olefeira”) also called Drumstick tree ,Horse radish tree, ben oil tree is a versatile tree where its various parts have been utilized throughout history as food and medicine. Among number of plants described in Ayurveda, Moringa is one which holds greater medical importance. Moringa flowers is a good supplement. It may be helpful for lactating mothers. Moringa Flowers are also a good source of nectar for honey-producing bees.