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by Grenera Blog on September 27, 2022

Introduction to Value added Moringa Products:

Value added Moringa products demand is increasing worldwide. The global market of moringa products is estimated at 8 billion USD, which is expected to cross 20 billion USD in 2030. Moringa oleifera is belonging to the family called Moringaceae. It is also known as Ben oil tree, horseradish tree, Miracle tee, or drumstick tree. Moringa is a plant that consists of vitamins, minerals, calcium, antioxidants, iron, phenolic compounds, etc.  Moringa leaves, Moringa Pods, Moringa seeds, Moringa Stems, and Moringa Flowers are consumed. Moringa tree is highly available in rural areas. It is limited and available in urban areas. People in urban areas have no time to process Moringa. So they are looking for value added products. Due to the high nutrition properties of moringa, the value added products are being developed. Value added product means a change in the physical state or enhancement added to the products. Value added products are prepared from various parts of Moringa, like leaves, flowers, Pods, and Seed which are discussed below.

Preparation from Moringa Leaves:

We, Grenera Nutrients Private Limited own 250 hectares of Moringa farms and we source organic moringa leaves from organic certified farms. We are using low temperature, cold air method to dry the products. The leaves are grind into the powder and packed in an air-tight container. It should be away from direct sunlight and stored in a cool and dry place. This moringa leaf powder can be added to soups, sauces, beverages, or juices. Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa Capsules, Moringa Tablets, Different flavors of Moringa Tea, Dried Moringa Leaves, Moringa Tea cut leaves, Moringa Smoothie Mixes, Moringa Noodles, Moringa Pellets are the value added moringa products prepared from Moringa Leaves. Moringa Capsules are encapsulated with Moringa leaf powder. Moringa Tablets are made with moringa leaf powder along with the binding agent called gum acacia/guar gum. Moringa Tea cut leaves are used in tea products and blended with other flavors like lemon, ginger, apple, cinnamon, strawberry, rose, tulsi, etc. Moringa smoothie mixes are made with moringa leaf powder along with a flavor enhancement product. Moringa noodles are made with moringa leaf powder with wheat.

Preparation from Moringa Flowers & Pods:

Dried Moringa Flower, Moringa Flower Powder, Moringa Flower Tablets, Moringa Pods, Moringa Pods Powder, Moringa Pods tablet, and Moringa Honey are the value added moringa products prepared from Moringa Flowers and Pods. Dried Moringa flowers and moringa flower powders are used to make tea and it is consumed after processing. Moringa flowers are cooked in a home, this taste is similar to a mushroom. It is a nutrient-rich food. Moringa flowers and dried moringa flower powder is a good supplements. Moringa Flowers are a good source of nectar to attract pollinating honey-producing bees. Moringa flower tablets are made with moringa flower powder with a binding agent called gum acacia. The young Moringa Pods are cooked and eaten and used in the preparation of curries, salads, and dals. Moringa Pods powder and tablets are prepared from dried moringa pods. Moringa seeds are found inside the moringa pods. Moringa Honey is prepared from Moringa Flowers with honey.

Preparation from Moringa Seeds:

Moringa seeds, Moringa seed oil, Moringa seed powder, Moringa seed cake powder, Moringa antiaging face cream, and Moringa aromatherapy roll-on are the value added moringa products prepared from Moringa seeds. Moringa seeds are prepared from the pods of moringa. Moringa Seed oil is prepared by pressing the moringa seeds. It is used as a skin moisturizer. It is used as a skincare and hair care product. Moringa seed cake powder is prepared from oil extracted dehulled cake. Moringa antiaging face cream is prepared from moringa oil, moringa leaf extract, pomegranate extract, rose extract, and other natural ingredients. Moringa aromatherapy roll-on is prepared from moringa oil, rice bran oil, and virgin coconut oil. It is used as a deodorant. Different flavors of aromatherapy roll-on are available on the market. Moringa oil is used in cosmetic industries. It is very stable, resistant to rancidity, and shelf life is more than 3 years. So it is highly used in the perfume industry. 


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by Dr sk chauhan on May 04, 2024

Good knowledge we r govt organization promoting moringa based value added technology to needy person