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by Grenera Blog on September 30, 2022


Moringa oleifera capsules, process, and dosage details are discussed here. Moringa Oleifera, the green queen is turning the world to her attention, especially after the pandemic. People after the pandemic have started to redefine their quality of healthy lifestyle and their diets with superfoods. The most famous native superfood Moringa is boosting demands in markets being people’s wisest choice.  Genera's Moringa Capsules are filled with Moringa leaf powder inside Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose capsules (HPMC Capsules). HPMC Capsules are the best alternative for gelatin capsules and two-piece capsules. These plant derived vegetarian capsules are widely used around the world for food supplements. The low moisture content in the capsule is responsible for its structure and durable polymers resist moringa leaf powder’s nutrition against environmental conditions, heat, and humidity. It also helps the powder inside retain its quality without degradation. Grenera Moringa capsules are made with moringa leaf powder with vegetarian cellulose capsules. Taking Moringa Capsule once or twice a day to kick start your day.


Moringa Capsules features:

Moringa oleifera is an important plant. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron and etc. Moringa is also called a drumstick, a miracle tree.  It is one of the superfood, dietary supplements. Due to its nutritional properties. Grenera Moringa oleifera capsules are odorless and tasteless. They are easy to swallow. They are more convenient to use. Moringa Capsules help to consume moringa green leaf powder without any spills. They are filled with the right dosage and checked before packing. We provide 500mg capsules. Moringa leaf powder encapsulated with capsules. The capsules protect the moringa leaf powder and nutrition inside till it is digested. It helps people who prefer consuming moringa powder without bitterness. It disintegrates quickly without gastrointestinal irritation. It is the best to supplement for also people who are vegan. Product quality is tested with our quality control team as per the standards. We supply bulk packages.  As well as we are accepting ODM/ OEM services also.


Moringa capsule process:

Genera's Moringa leaf powder is a single ingredient product made out of dried moringa leaves. Grenera Nutrients procures fresh moringa leaves from its own farm named “Grenera Moringa Farm” as well as from successful farmers from various places. The moringa leaves are lab tested to meet the specifications and standards that are required to produce moringa leaf powder. The approved moringa fresh leaves are dried homogeneously. The dried leaves are then ground using pulverizers and sieved for even sized particles. The powder is then sterilized and samples are examined by the QC professionals. The QA approved powder is then filled into the HPMC capsules with a semi-automated capsule filling machine. The weight or dosage is checked frequently. Each batch of powder filled capsules is checked twice by sorting and polishing. Finally, the Moringa oliefera Capsules are packed into Grenera containers. We also customize the packages and packaging stock keeping units according to customer’s requirements.

 Best way to take moringa:

The best way to take moringa is in the form of capsules. Moringa is a bitter taste. When we take moringa oleifera capsules there is no taste, safe, and easy to carry while traveling. In this form, we take the entire dosage of nutrients without any loss. The next best way to take moringa is the powder form. You can mix the moringa powder with smoothies, favorite beverages, juices, soups, cold beverages, etc. Initially, you can start with one tablespoon of powder, after that, you can increase daily doses as per the serving size recommended on the label. The next form is the tablet. Tablet is easy to form swallow and easy to carry. Our tablets are uncoated. The next form is called tea bags/ tea bags. It is very easy to carry. You can dip the tea bags in your teapot ( hot water or hot milk) for 3 to 5 minutes. If you prefer, add some sugar or honey for a better taste.