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by Grenera Blog on September 27, 2022

About Organic Moringa powder:

Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder is the leaf part of the plant Moringa oleifera Tree. This Tree also called as Miracle tree, then also called as Drumstick Tree. Moringa Oleifera is the rapid growing tree belongs to the location of Indian Sub-continents. When the Moringa health benefits found by ancient people, they named it as Tree of Life. They mean Moringa powder will give life Nutrients for Humans. This Raw herb powder hold the special tag called “Miracle Superfood Powder “. Moringa Oleifera has really a fantastic high Nutrition profile naturally, it belongs to the family Moringaceae. Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder contains a very powerful source of nutrients. Moringa powder is the rich and Healthiest diet to start a day.

Organic Moringa starts perfect Morning:

“ Good Morning Moringa “ Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder will kick start the every ones day with full energy. The person who is not sufficient with necessary nutrition, then their best choice is the Moringa powder to start their day. Moringa intake with Food or with snacks is completely user friendly. Grenera Organic Moringa powder is suitable to add with any dishes and recipes. To avoid the natural slight bitter taste of the Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder can also be blended into vegetable smoothies, Moringa dosa, Moringa Idly, Moringa egg omelet, Moringa Tea, Moringa energy bolls or Moringa Nutrition Bar. As like exercise daily take Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder to hold the essential Nutrients in your body. Scientifically, Moringa dried leaves has more Nutrition than the Fresh Moringa Leaves. Top Indian Moringa powder recipe is Moringa soup preparation. Moringa Soup is the home medicine for many diseases.

How is the Moringa leaf powder prepared:

Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder preparation traceability description as follows: Moringa fresh young tender leaves collected from Grenera owned and contractual Organic Moringa farms, within 6 hours we bring the fresh leaves for processing to retain the Moringa leaves its whole Nutrients. First step, we water wash the leaves, then the Moringa leaves going to drying section for drying process. Then the Moringa dried leaves ready for grinding process. Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder is now ready for packing at Grenera GMP Certified Facility around 58,000 sqft. We have a in-house Laboratory facility inside our Factory unit, we used to analysis basic parameters of each and every batch of Grenera Organic Moringa Leaf powder to ensure the quality. For Organic status analysis, we used to send the batch samples to external MNC laboratories. Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder is highly nutritious and hygienically packed so it remains in stock always in all B2C portals like Amazon,Flipkart,..etc. Because Grenera flagship product is the Moringa Oleifera Leaf powder.

Moringa powder in Dietary Supplement Market:
Indian Origin Organic Moringa Leaf Powder potential is rapidly increasing every day in Dietary Supplement Market especially in EU,US, because of more consumption. Can say European Supplement Market has more consumers more than others. Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder got a standard place in Global Supplement market as a valuable supplier. Moringa oleifera are used majorly in many industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and
personal/skin care. Among Moringa oleifera plant products Dried Moringa leaf Powder as a ingredient plays the major role in these kind of industries. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the Moringa oleifera powder availability in the Global market, due to the reason of full lockdown of transports and logistics throughout the world. However, the pandemic led to increased focus over health and wellbeing among end customers. Moringa supplements suppliers
market are developing innovative products to fulfill demands of End Customers. Moringa supplements Manufacturers are exploring market opportunities of Organic certified quality and hold the natural nutritional values for Organic Moringa leaf powder. How the moringa supplements popular in the global market? these are purely plant-based and low processed one
and can intake as raw food. Grenera Organic Moringa leaf powder is a raw dietary supplement suggested serving size is 2 Tbs per serving in a day. Grenera Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. acquired many certifications such as GMP good manufacturing practice, National program for organic production, USDA organic, ISO 22000, HALAL, EU Certificate, NPOP, FSSAI, Kosher, Vegan Certified.