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by Grenera Blog on March 01, 2023

Moringa tea : A healthy alternative to Coffee?

Caffeine free Moringa Tea is prepared from Moringa leaves. For many people, coffee is a staple of their morning routine. Moringa tea is naturally caffeine-free. This makes it a great option for those who are sensitive to caffeine or want to avoid the jitters and anxiety that can come with drinking coffee. Moringa is nutrient dense plant. It consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron, calcium, etc. Grenera, we are using tea bags instead of loose leaf tea, because tea bags are convenient to use. Take 1 tea bag in your cup and infuse it with hot water or boiling water or milk. Steep into 3 to 5 minutes. After that, you can add some sweeteners like sugar or honey if you prefer. For Iced Tea, 1 litre preparation: 500 ml of boiled water or hot water, 8 tea bags of moringa green tea, cover and infuse for 20 minutes. Then remove the tea bags and add 500ml of cold water then refrigerate. It is one of the best refreshment drinks with the high nutritional profile.

History of tea in India:

India is the second largest producer in the world, more than 900,000 tonnes per year. In nineteenth century British introduced tea in India. The development came from Assam. Tea leaves which are thicker grew in Assam, and these responded very well in India. The Assamese and Chinese varieties are different related species, but now it is classified by botanists as the same species, Camellia Sinensis. British planted the famous Nilgiri massif. Nilgiri means Blue Mountain, fog enveloping the mountain, so it gives a blue sheen. 1980s Darjeeling the first area was planted (Himalayan foothills). Camellia Sinensis is a shrub. It belongs to the flowering plant family Theaceae. It is also known as a tea shrub or tea tree. The tea leaves and buds are used to produce Tea beverages. White tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea are all harvested from two major varieties C. sinensis var. sinensis and C. s. var. assamica. Due to the process, different levels of oxidation attain different colors. Green Tea leaves also contain caffeine. Caffeine free moringa teas are available in Grenera sites.  

What is Caffeine and it works:

Caffeine is a bitter substance and natural stimulant found in more than 60 plants. The plants include coffee beans, tea leaves, soft drinks, chocolates, cacao plants, etc. Caffeine stimulates the brain and central nervous system for alertness and prevents tiredness. Nowadays 80% of people consume a caffeinated product each day. The number goes up to 90% for adults in North America. Caffeine is quickly absorbed from the gut to the bloodstream. From there it goes to the liver and is broken down into compounds. So the main effect is the brain. Caffeine helps you stay alert / stay awake by connecting to the adenosine receptors in the brain without activating them. One cup of coffee takes as 20 minutes to reach the bloodstream and about 1 hour to reach full effectiveness. Excess amounts of caffeine have some side effects like restlessness, sleeping trouble, headache, etc. 8 Ounces of tea contains 40-60mg of Caffeine. So Grenera caffeine free moringa tea variants are safe and pure.

How Grenera Moringa tea is different from others:

We offer caffeine free moringa teas which are sourced from the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India. Sourcing the raw material area is away from polluted places. We directly source the raw materials from farmers. We are using organic products. All our farms are eco-certified. We have a separate agriculture team, Quality control team. The agriculture team ensures product growth, quality control team ensures the quality of the products. We test each and every batch of our products with our quality team as well as third party certified laboratories also. So we assure the quality of the products as per the standards. We provide premium quality caffeine free moringa tea variants such as moringa apple cinnamon tea, moringa herbal tea,tulsi moringa tea, moringa pomegranate tea, moringa ginger tea, moringa herbal tea, moringa strawberry tea, etc. This combination of products gives more nutritional benefits. All our products are natural, safe, and pure. We export our products worldwide.